Valour Management

Valour Management

Valour Management Inc. was established in order to provide unprecedented project management services
throughout a development or construction timeline. A key feature of our approach is our in-depth
involvement throughout the execution of a project. Valour Management Inc. will contribute as a value added
partner to help our builders/developers achieve the successful completion of a subject project.

Our involvement entails:

  • Project monitoring from start to finish
  • Development consulting
  • Project management
  • Project accounting
  • Property, construction, site management, sales and/or leasing
  • Other support that might be needed to execute the project

For the development projects involving construction, we may either partner with a local builder to execute, or direct one of our associated builder partners to provide the construction services. It should be noted that we view the interests of our Investors as paramount. As such, we closely monitor the progression of each project throughout the development timeline. Valour Capital will perform regular site inspections to verify work has been completed on the subject project, and will manage the release of funds to the builder and trades as required. If ever necessary, we are capable of stepping in, completing any required construction, or sales / leasing process.

It has become very apparent that having a regular and active role throughout a development project has mitigated risk for our investor clients and has allowed for an expedited project completion for our builder partners.

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